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The following are excerpts from letters and emails from our valued customers. Please submit your story or comments on how Bartlett Bearing Company has helped you and your organization be successful.


“Bartlett Bearing promised to give world class products and excellent service days, nights, weekends and holidays.  In addition to supporting us with training, problem solving and application assistance and to never compete with us. I wondered how long that promise would last, that was June of 1991. I’m proud to report that Bartlett Bearing Company has never let us down during the last twenty years”.

Mike Stewart


Stewart’s Electric Motor Works, Inc.


“I wanted to personally thanks you and the staff at Bartlett Bearing for making our November 2013 Counter Day a real success. You and your staff did their usual “bang up job” of coordinating the efforts of Koyo and Electro Static Technologies to headline the educational curriculum for our customers.  From their comments it appears that the subject material was well presented and accepted. Again, Thank you for the support of our work and it is, as always, a joy to be part of the Bartlett family of customers”.

Denver J. Weigel


Apparatus Repair & Engineering


“I have to relay something while it’s still fresh in my mind.  We have bearing suppliers calling us all the time saying; “Try us.” Today I called Bartlett at 7:30 a.m.  A sales representative answered the phone. I gave him the part number and he recognized it, had it in stock and quoted a price in seconds. So why should shouldn’t I call Bartlett first?”

Jim Willier


Willier Electric Motor Repair Co. Inc.


“Once again one of your staff has helped TAW in an expeditious manner. I need you to know how much I appreciate all that Bartlett does for TAW Jacksonville. I have not experienced the knowledge and professionalism with any other vendor in my two and a half years here in purchasing like I do with Bartlett. I know that I can always count on your team always going above and beyond to help us meet our customer’s needs. Thank you again for the wonderful service”.

Michelle Orr

Purchasing Agent

TAW-Jacksonville Service Center

“Everything worked out perfectly!  Please send the sample seals that I sent for identification back with my next order. Thank you again for all of your help on this, we couldn’t have done it with out you and Bartlett. Good job!”

Troy Guidt

Customer Service Representative

Electrical Equipment Company


“I wanted to say thank you for the service that went way beyond what we were expecting. We have always thought of Bartlett as a critical part of our organization. This was never more evident then by your response Sunday morning. I know we are not your biggest customer, but you sure made me feel like we were. We could not do our jobs, if it wasn’t for people like you. Your company is truly the benchmark to what we only hope our other suppliers would be”.

Jeff Garguilo

Manager – Motor Repair

Albarell Electric Inc.


“I just wanted to drop a note and thank you and everyone at Bartlett Bearing for your outstanding service to Chalmers & Kubeck. Everyone there does an Outstanding job!!!!!!!!!If you are ever trying to get an account anywhere and need a reference please feel free to give us as a reference”.

Tad Jenkins

Purchasing Agent

Chalmers & Kubeck Inc.

“I just want to thank you for your help in identifying the special roller bearing last week. Bartlett Bearing’s knowledge bearings and their components have been a tremendous help, and is far superior to any supplier I have ever been associated with my thirty plus years in our industry.
Our customer’s gearbox is up and running thanks to your help”.

Shawn Venable


Electric Motor Service of Clinton

“Thanks for volunteering with EASA in Region 2 and also I would like to thank Bartlett as a company for what they do for EASA members.
We have been a customer of Bartlett for many years and it would take someone who could move the earth to get me to change.”

Doug Moore


Kentucky Service Company