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une 23, 2010 (Mechanic Falls ME): Electro Static Technology is pleased to announce that Bartlett Bearing Co. won the 2009 Distributor of the Year award. This award recognizes outstanding sales and superior customer service of AEGIS™ Bearing Protection ring technology. The Distributor of the Year Award was presented to Gayle Musser, the owner of Bartlett Bearing at their headquarters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Bartlett Bearing Company, Inc. is a family-owned, independent distributor of bearings and repair parts for electro-mechanical facilities nationwide. Their product offering has included the AEGIS shaft grounding ring technology for five years, ever since the product was introduced to the market.

AEGIS technology is designed for use when variable frequency drives (VFDs) are used to control electric motors. The VFD induces destructive voltages on the motor shaft which discharge through the motor bearings or bearings in attached equipment. These discharges cause fusion craters on the bearing race walls. Over time, this can lead to noise, vibration, bearing failure, and catastrophic motor failure.

Read entire award here: AEGIS DIST OF THE YEAR AWARD 2009

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