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EM Quik Sleeves

In an electric motor, there are normally two or more bearings. These bearings ride on the shaft and are held in the bearing housing. These “housings” have to be within a certain tolerance which is specific to the application.

Reputable electric motor repair facilities inspect and measure every housing prior to installing new bearings as part of their standard operating procedure. If the housings are worn, they need to be repaired and brought back up to tolerance.

EM-Quik Sleeves offer a quick and economical way to do this. We inventory a full line of housing repair sleeves in both SAE 1026 Steel and Class 35-40 Grey Iron that are designed to fit all the standard bearing sizes.

Call today for a quote, use of these prefabricated sleeves will save you both time and money.

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EM-Quik Sleeve

Steps to install EM-Quik Sleeves

EM-Quik Sleeve Installation Instructions


EM Quik Sleeves