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An effective long-term method of grounding motor shafts is needed to make inverter-driven systems reliable. Give us the opportunity to discuss the specifics of your application and to show you the industry’s latest technologies.  Allow us to assist you to find cost effective ways to provide the protection your motor needs to prevent unscheduled down time, costly repairs and lost production.   We can show you technologies and products such as instruments for detecting electrical discharges in electric motor bearings, hybrid ceramic ball bearings, ceramic coated bearings, insulated sleeves, shaft grounding rings and insulated carriers. Everything you need to sustain motor life and insure the return on your investment.

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Coated Bearings

FAG Insutect

NKE Electrically Insulated Rolling Bearings


Hybrid Ceramic Bearings

Koyo Hybrid Ceramic Bearings

MRC Hybrid Ceramic Ball Bearings

MRC Ultra Corrosive

Insulated Carriers

Insulated Carriers

AEGIS® Grounding Rings

AEGIS® Best Practices for Bearing Protection

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Insulated Sleeves

EMQ- Insulated sleeve

EMQ-Insulated Sleeve Installation

EMQ-Insulated Sleeve Selection Chart

Electrical Discharge Detector

TKED-1 Datasheet

TKED-1 White Paper


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