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Grounding Rings

AEGIS® Bearing Protection Rings are designed to protect bearings from harmful shaft currents caused by variable frequency drives used on AC electric motors. Shaft currents that pass through the bearing can cause pitting and fluting on the bearing raceways resulting in a premature failure.

The bearing protection ring when properly installed, will redirect the harmful shaft currents away from the bearings to ground, protecting the bearings and extending the life of the motor. Click on the links below for more information on AEGIS® Bearing Protection Rings.

AEGIS_Edition 3 Handbook

Click link to request SGR AEGIS® handbook

AEGIS® Motor Repair Handbook-Edition 3-2016

Download PDF documents here:

AEGIS® _PRO_Series_Best_Practices

AEGIS® _Split_uKIT_Installation.mp4

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AEGIS® vs Other Rings

AEGIS® _MR_Datasheet

AEGIS® -OSC-9100 Shaft Voltage Tester – Digital Ocilloscope -1

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Grounding Rings