Importance of Grease & Lubrication for Bearing Maintenance

Purpose of Bearing Lubrication for Maintenance & Functionality

Bartlett Bearing Company Inc Importance of Lubrication for Bearing MaintenanceLubrication plays an important role in both the mechanical operation and the longevity of your bearings. While there are many factors associated with bearings failure, improper, contaminated or lack of lubrication is attributed to over 50% of such instances. In the correct applications (over lubrication is also an issue), lubricants & grease extend the life of bearings and ensure proper functionality. Bartlett Bearing Company, Inc. highlights the importance of bearing lubrication as part of your overall preventative maintenance plan.

6 Reasons Lubrication is Important for Bearings & Other Components

Prevents Oxidation: High temperatures and water rapidly consume the limited volume of antioxidants present in bearing lubrication. Regular application is necessary to prevent oxidation, corrosion, sludge buildup and impaired oil flow.

Minimizes Corrosion: Proper lubrication prevents corrosive elements like water and salt from seeping into the bearing. Over time, rust and corrosion will develop and system breakdown is inevitable. Bearings and seals should be inspected regularly to prevent corrosion buildup.

Contaminant Barrier: Bearing lubrication serves as an important protective barrier against contaminants and organic debris. If the bearing seal becomes damaged in any way (loose, punctured, ripped, etc.), contaminants will seep into the bearing and cause total failure.

Reduces Component Friction: The primary job of lubrication & grease is to reduce friction between the bearing and adjacent components. Friction generates heat, which can cause bearings to deteriorate and the destruction of seals. Excessive friction when bearings are not properly lubricated leads to premature machinery breakdown.

Decreases Wear & Tear: Lubrication helps to separate moving parts and lessen heavy vibrations, which is vital to preventing wear & tear and excessive friction.

Stabilizes Bearing Structure: Lubricants not only play an important role in maintenance, but also to the overall functionality and reliability of bearings. Lubricants help bearings take on the weight of different loads and act as stabilizers for bearing structures.

Purchase High Quality Bearing Lubrication Products

Mobil Polyrex EM: This lubrication is specially formulated for electric-motor bearings. The advanced thickener formulation and manufacturing techniques provide improved bearing performance & long-lasting protection.

Aqua Shield: A multi-functioning lubricant & sealant combination that provides long-lasting lubrication and prevents corrosion.

Chevron Black Pearl: These greases are multipurpose, water resistant and are designed for bearings under extreme pressure. Rust and oxidation inhibitors ensure long-lasting capabilities for your machinery.

Castrol Tribol GR 100 PD Range: This high performance grease works well under extreme pressures in a wide variety of applications.

Shell GadusRail S2: One of Shell’s highest quality greases, it is manufactured to provide superior mechanical stability and service life.

Bartlett Bearing Company, Inc. supplies high quality, multi-purpose bearing lubricants & grease to prevent friction, oxidization, rust, corrosion and excessive wear & tear. With six locations across the United States, we are dedicated to meeting your company’s needs and exceeding your high expectations. Our quality products are available at competitive prices with fast & efficient delivery.

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