24/7 After Hour Bearing Support

At Bartlett Bearing Company, Inc. we understand that an emergency or breakdown can happen any time, day or night. That is why we offer after-hour bearing support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience. Nothing is more reassuring than knowing you can call any of our six locations and speak with a knowledgeable staff member at any time. If a breakdown happens out of business hours, you can rely on Bartlett Bearing Company, Inc. to provide 24/7 emergency bearing support, customer service, and sales. No matter what day of the year or time of the day, someone is available to pick up the phone and fulfill your order. Your call is answered by a trained and knowledgeable member of our technical staff; we do not outsource our emergency bearing service.

Bartlett Bearing Company Inc 24hr Bearing Support & Technical Service


Bartlett Bearing's technical service department is dedicated to helping you solve problems related to bearings used in electric apparatus application. Since inception in 1951, our promise has always been an unwavering commitment to serving our customers. As an Independent Authorized Distributor of bearings, accessories, and tools, you can rely on Bartlett Bearing Company, Inc. for product expertise, bearing technical support, and dependability at every level.

Reach out to our sales team for assistance in any of the following areas

Bearing identification: For help identifying the nomenclature on your bearings.
EMR application information: For questions specific to your electro-mechanical repair needs.
Bearing maintenance: For questions on how to care for and maintain your bearings.
Bearing installation: For instructions on proper installation methods.
Electrical discharge damage remediation: For solutions on electrical discharge failures.

For any other general bearing technical support inquiries, please reach out to the sales department at any of our seven locations.

With a commitment to our wide range of clients at the forefront of our business, product knowledge and superior customer service are of the highest priorities at Bartlett Bearing Company, Inc. We provide continued education to each member of our technical support team in order to give our customers an in-depth understanding of the products we offer. We are dedicated to offering a team who are each highly educated on all of the bearings, tools, accessories and parts we distribute. Knowledge and a hands-on approach to education are the driving force to our unsurpassed customer service and bearing technical support.