How to Identify Bearing Damage

how to identify bearing damage

Bearing Damage & Failure Analysis In most applications, bearings outlive the equipment in which they’re installed. Only some fail, so the question is: why? While this is a common question, it is not always easy to answer. There are many factors that contribute to bearing damage and, ultimately, failure. When a problem within the machinery…

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Understanding Bearing Life

understanding bearing life

Understanding & Achieving Longer Bearing Life At Bartlett Bearing Company, our associates frequently field questions from our customer base asking for a bearing with a specific life rating of “X” amount of hours or revolutions. This is often a very difficult question to answer unless all the required application details are provided. But even then,…

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Importance of Grease & Lubrication for Bearing Maintenance

importance of grease & lubrication for bearing maintenance

Purpose of Bearing Lubrication for Maintenance & Functionality Lubrication plays an important role in both the mechanical operation and the longevity of your bearings. While there are many factors associated with bearings failure, improper, contaminated or lack of lubrication is attributed to over 50% of such instances. In the correct applications (over lubrication is also…

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