Ball Bearings

Ball bearings are one of the most popular of all the basic types of rolling element bearings due to their versatility. Since they operate with less friction, ball bearings can be used at higher speeds. Optional offerings include cages/cage design, internal clearance, seals, shields, snap rings and more can be used to enhance the performance of the application. Bartlett Bearing inventories a wide variety of bearings for many applications. A member of our team is available 24/7/365 to assist with your bearing needs.

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Ball Bearing Product Selection

Angular Contact Ball Bearing

Angular contact ball bearings are often used in vertical pump motors and vertical/horizontal pumps. These bearings have a heavy axial load carrying capacity as well as the ability to accommodate high speeds.

The most common angular contact ball bearing is designed with a 40-degree contact angle. Many of the super precision designs possess a 15-degree contact angle. Other contact angles are available. The larger contact angle, the higher the resistance to axial loading.

These bearings also come in double row designed to produce both normal and greater than normal (C3) internal axial clearance.

Angular contact ball bearings can be supplied or manufactured flush ground to be mounted in pairs or sets. These can be arranged:

  • Back-to-back: the most rigid setup that can accommodate thrust loading in both directions
  • Face-to-face: will allow thrust loading in both directions and accommodate some misalignment
  • Tandem: will allow for heavy axial loading in one direction only.

High precision single row angular contact ball bearings are available for very high-speed applications.

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Bartlett Bearing Company Insulated Bearing

Insulated Ball Bearing

Insulated as a result of a non-conductive coating applied to one of the bearing rings. Insulated ball bearings are designed to avoid electric discharge damage.

Hybrid Ceramic Ball Bearing

Insulated as a result of the rolling element being produced of a non-conductive, ceramic material. The ceramic rolling element offers increased operating speeds in excess of 30% as a result of the ball material being 60% lighter. Improves grease life and provides lower operating temperatures at high speeds. They can be offered as open, shielded or sealed.

Bartlett Bearing Company Hybrid Ceramic
Bartlett Bearing Company Deep Groove

Deep Groove Ball Bearing

Deep groove radial ball bearings are the most popular type of bearings and are often referred to as Conrad type. These bearings are designed to support radial loads and small amounts of axial load in both directions. Deep groove ball bearings are available in open, shielded and sealed designs. Also available with a filling slot for increased load capacity that are referred to as max-type bearings.

Self-Aligning Ball Bearing

Double row ball bearing with spherical outer ring raceway. The curvature meets at the center of the bearing which allows the rings, balls, and retainer to continue to rotate, aligning themselves if they become misaligned.

Bartlett Bearing Company Self Aligning Ball Bearings

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