Electric Motor Bearing Housing Repair

Motor failures in all types of commercial and industrial machinery are commonly caused by the bearing. Incidences occur when the actual bearing begins to wear down, causing rough rotation and friction. Another frequent cause for machine breakdowns is the bearing housing has deteriorated, giving the bearing unwanted rotation. EM Quik Sleeves are specifically designed to revive worn down bearing houses and bring them back to industry standard tolerance. The installation of a new EM-Quick bearing housing sleeve will allow for the tight and proper seating of a bearing. The use of these prefabricated sleeves will save you both time and money on a complete system breakdown & the associated repair cost. Bartlett Bearing Company, Inc. is proud to offer an economic solution to repair worn, damaged and oversized housings.

Bartlett Bearing Company Inc Bearing Housing Repair


EM Quik Sleeve

Available in two materials: SAE 1026 steel and class 35-40 grey iron, and in bearing sizes from 6200 – 6240 and 6302 – 6332.


Available from stock in 1026 steel material. These are designed in 1/32” larger on the O.D. than the standard sizes. They are used in endbells that have been previously sleeved.

Thin wall

Available in both steel and cast. These sleeves are designed .001 - .080 smaller on the O.D. than standard sizes. They are used in endbells that have less room to have material moved.


Insulated with a thermoplastic polymer material. Available in steel material. They are used to keep current from passing through the bearing that would cause fluting and pitting.

Rebuild Worn, Oversized Housing

If the bearing housing has been worn down for quite some time then a full replacement with a new component may be your only option. Since it is considered a major operation due to the location of the bearing housing it is very expensive and time consuming. However, if you catch the poor machine performance in time, bearing housing repair is possible. EM-Quick Sleeves supplied by Bartlett Bearing Company, Inc. are guaranteed to be of the highest quality and exceed industry standards. Issues within your machine’s delicate housing system should be properly fixed in a timely manner.

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