Bartlett Bearing Company, Inc. stocks extensive inventories of various types of seals used in applications such as electric motors, gear boxes, pumps, etc. Bearing seals have a fundamental impact on the life span, reliability and overall system performance. Seals are primarily used to retain lubricants and protect bearings from contamination.

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Bartlett Bearing Company Bearing Isolator Protection

Bearing Isolators

A bearing isolator is a bearing protection device designed with barriers to keep external fluid and airborne contaminants out of a bearing. Used in electric motor and pump applications, bearing isolators are designed to prevent premature bearing failure thus increasing equipment life, productivity and reducing total maintenance costs when installed properly on an electric motor shaft.

Axial Face Seals

Axial Face Seals are a combination of the high speed capacity of standard mechanical seals with the simplicity of radial lip seals. Designed to be fixed on the shaft, sealing axially against a perpendicular counterface. (They do an excellent job as a deflector for foreign materials, especially at higher speeds.)

Bartlett Bearing Company Axial Face Bearing Seals
Bartlett Bearing Company Mechanical Seals for Bearings

Mechanical Seals

Mechanical seals are a component of the machine to prevent leakage of a fluid along a rotating shaft to atmosphere. Sealing takes place in a plane perpendicular to the shaft. They are found in equipment with rotating parts such as pumps, mixers, and other applications and designed to contain liquid or gas where a rotating shaft goes through a stationary housing.


O-Rings perform as a seal through mechanical deformation of an elastomeric compound. The flexible rubber compound conforms to the shape of the mating surfaces which blocks the passage of liquids and gases.

Bartlett Bearing Company Bearing O-Ring Seals
Bartlett Bearing Company Protective Oil Seals

Oil Seals

Oil seals are used to protect shafts and bearings and prevent lubricants from leaking outside the seal even under high pressure, to act as a barrier to retain the lubricating oil, and to prevent dirt and other contaminants from entering the unit. Available in inch and metric.

Sealing Solutions for Advanced Performance

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