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It is important to implement the proper maintenance practices and use the correct tools to ensure your bearing reaches its full life potential and increase productivity and efficiency. Bartlett Bearing Company, Inc. is proud to offer tools from the top manufacturers in the industry including AEGIS, OTC, Posilock, Koyo and SKF Maintenance Products. Bartlett Bearing can provide recommendations for the right tool for the entire life cycle of your bearing in every stage of operation. If you do not see what you’re looking for, call your local salesmen to inquire about items not specifically listed on our website.

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Bearing Tools

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Bearing Heaters

Bartlett Bearing offers induction and cone heaters primarily used for mounting bearings that require an interference fit on a shaft

Electrical Discharge Detector Pen

The SKF Electrical Discharge Pen (TKED 1) is a simple to use hand-held instrument for detecting electrical discharges in electric motor bearings. Electrical discharges are common in applications using variable frequency drives. Stray shaft voltage is a common cause of electric discharge machine (EDM) that leads to premature bearing failure.

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Shaft Voltage Tester Digital Oscilloscope

The AEGIS OCS 9100 shaft voltage tester allows maintenance personnel to take shaft voltage readings from motor shafts quickly and easily.

Bearing Pullers

Bearing pullers serve as an efficient way for bearing removal on a shaft. Bartlett offers various brands of pullers to fit your needs.

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Maintenance Tool Distributors

The proper use of bearing tools for maintenance, mounting and alignment can help you extend the service life of your bearing and machinery. When you use the proper tools supplied by our independent distribution centers, you’ll prevent damage to the system and ensure precise repairs.  Our highly efficient products can decrease the time spent on mounting and dismounting while improving operator safety at your business. No matter your application, investing in proper maintenance tools will help to extend the life of your bearing and associated machinery.