Steel is one of the basic and most common materials used in our modern industrial society. It is the foundation for a wide range of important branches including transportation, mechanical engineering, construction, energy & environmental technology and more. The extreme demands and conditions in the steel industry that make, move and shape the metal into its final form require high performance bearings. Steel industry bearings must endure extreme temperatures, loads and buildup on a consistent basis. Bartlett Bearing Company, Inc. is the leading bearings distributor for the steel and primary metal industry. We’ll provide the right bearings, parts, tools and accessories for steel mills without compromising performance needs. Bartlett Bearing has over 70 years of experience working with steel manufacturers & providing solutions for economical and safe production with the utmost in bearing reliability.

Bartlett Bearing Company Inc Bearings for Iron & Steel Mill Industry

Steel Mill & Primary Metal Industry Bearings

Throughout the entire process of manufacturing steel and steel-based products, bearings are constantly exposed to high temperatures, high speeds or very low speed operation, vibration shock and exposure to contamination and water. Bartlett Bearings’ products ensure the stable operation of steel mill equipment under these extreme conditions. Bearings are found in a vast range of equipment that is used in both the upstream and downstream processes. From the storage yard where raw materials are kept to the rolling and refining processes, high performance bearings maximize uptime and reduce maintenance cost for steel manufacturers.

Steel Manufacturing Applications: Conveyors, Continuous Casting Machines, Cranes, Sintering Equipment

Steel Forming Applications: Rolling Mills, Cooling Beds, Levelers

Bearing Products for Steel Mill, Metal Production & Processing Industry

We offer a complete product line for all steel mill processes from the leading manufacturers in the industry. Ensure improved productivity and a long life when you purchase bearings from Bartlett Bearing Company, Inc.

Cylindrical Roller Bearings

Bartlett Bearing Company Cylindrical Roller Bearing Products Steel Industry

Designed for high load capacity, cylindrical roller bearings can be manufactured with an internal design meant to accommodate higher misalignment; a common problem that occurs in wheel loaders, crawlers, and cone crushers.

Tapered Roller Bearings

Bartlett Bearing Tapered Roller Bearings Steel & Iron Industry

Typically sealed on both sides, deep groove ball bearings are generally seen in every stage of the mining process, regardless of industry, in machines like wheel loaders, crawlers, and excavators.

Critical to almost every machine's performance, spherical roller bearings are heavily used in areas seeing heavy shock load conditions. Spherical roller bearings are critical to the operation of conveyors, crawlers, vibrating screens, crushers, and more.

These are all required to perform under extremely high temperatures and heavy loads. Recommendations would be to use sealed and shielded bearings to prevent contamination that can lead to premature bearing failure.

Steel Mill Bearing Accessories & Tools

Bartlett Bearing Company Inc Bearing Lubrication

It’s important to choose a lubricant that stands well in high temperature environments, such as those with thicker formulations.


Safely mount bearings using the right bearing heater for your application (induction heaters, cone heaters, etc.).

Divert damaging bearing currents safely to ground with shaft grounding technology like AEGIS grounding rings to ensure reliable, long-term operation.

Authorized Bearing Supplier for Metals Manufacturing Industry

Bartlett Bearing Company, Inc. provides a wide breadth of bearings, tools, accessories and technical support/services to meet the demanding steel mill operating conditions. Bartlett Bearing Company, Inc. has six locations across the United States. Every warehouse is consistently stocked with ball bearings, roller bearings and tools specifically designed for the steel mill industries. For questions, support or to place a phone order, call the closest Bartlett location to your facility. Fill out a Request a Quote form and one of our representatives will get back to you within 24 business hours.