The United States is the world’s leading producer of paper and paperboard with nearly 100 million paper mills in operation. Paper manufacturing, like many others, is a multi-stage process involving large-scale machinery that often works in extreme conditions with high rates of speed.

To accommodate the considerable radial loads, axial loads and shaft deflections, purchase bearings for the pulp and paper industry from a reputable distributor to ensure safety, reliability and profitability. Spherical roller bearings are one of the most popular choices for machinery in the paper and pulp industries due to their ability to accommodate the loads, water, heat, toughness and provide a long service life. Bartlett Bearing Company, Inc. has 70+ years of experience working with paper machine manufacturers & providing solutions for economical and safe production with the utmost in bearing reliability.

Bartlett Bearing Company Inc Paper & Pulp Mills Industry Bearings

Bearing Products for Paper, Pulp & Paper Mill Machinery

Only roller bearings that are extremely strong & stable make it possible to achieve the best quality paper. Bearings in paper machines are subjected to extreme conditions including moisture, intense heat, shaft deflections, high speeds and long lifespans. Bartlett Bearing stocks and distributes bearings, products and accessories to provide dependable, cost-effective solutions for the paper and pulp industries.

Optimized for high moisture resistance and long duty cycles, spherical roller bearings are used in almost every phase of the paper making process from balers and feeders in the early stages of the paper and pulp process to more secondary stages like coating and press selection to drying and calendaring.

Often used in the secondary processing equipment, cylindrical roller bearings help to reduce rolling fatigue while also adhering to heavy impact loads and occasional high-speed excursions.

Machines like slitters and rewinders require high speed ball bearings that have high running accuracy.


Bartlett Bearing Company Inc Bearing Isolators Paper & Pulp Industry

Commonly found in pumps, motors and gearboxes, bearing isolators prevent contaminents from entering the component while locking in lubricants. Further, the ring eliminates metal-to-metal contact, reduces downdowm and equipment failure.

24/7 Maintenance & Bearing Support for Paper Production Plants

Bartlett Bearing Company, Inc. provides a wide breadth of bearings, products and technical support/services to meet any unusual or demanding paper mill operating conditions. Our 70+ year tradition is rooted in excellent customer service, innovative solutions for a wide range of industries and top quality bearing products, accessories, lubricants, tools & more. You can rely on Bartlett Bearing Company, Inc. to provide 24/7/365 after hours support & technical service. For those in the paper and pulp industry, a member of our team is available for:

  • Customer support in bearings selection
  • Lubricant selection & consultation
  • Bearing Identification, Maintenance & Installation
  • EMR Application Information

With six locations across the United States, our warehouses are consistently stocked with ball bearings, roller bearings, accessories and more specifically designed for the paper and pulp industries. For questions, support or to place a phone order, call the closest Bartlett location to your facility. Fill out a Request a Quote form and one of our representatives will get back to you within 24 business hours.


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