Bearings are designed to reduce friction in power transmission applications. They come in varying sizes, load ratings and operating speeds. Bartlett Bearing Company, Inc. inventories one of the most extensive and complete breadth of bearings and related components used in a variety of applications. Our highly trained technical staff are available to help you identify your bearing needs depending on your industry and application.

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Bearing Types

Bartlett Bearing Company Ball Bearings

Ball Bearings

By far the most popular type of bearing and can accommodate radial and axial load in both directions. Point contact makes ball bearings suitable for operation at high speed with low noise and low vibration. Ball bearings can be open or enclosed with steel shield or rubber seals which are prefilled with the appropriate volume of grease. These bearings can also be offered with a single shield or seal on one side.

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Roller Bearings

Line contact makes roller bearings suitable to handle heavy loading, as well as impact/shock loads. Various types include spherical, cylindrical, needle and tapered roller bearings. These different roller designs can support various types of load, both radial and axial.

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Mounted Bearings

Mounted units are used to support the external rotating shaft and consist of an internal bearing or insert bearing and housing. The selection is based on factors such as speed, the type of load, the environment the bearing will be exposed to and installation method.

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