Wastewater treatment is one of the most important global industries, ensuring the health of millions. The multi-step treatment process includes many stages of filtration, clarification and disinfection of wastewater made possible by heavy-duty machinery that is subject to harsh environments. Removing contaminants and separating wastewater into various barrels is a continuous process that relies on rotating components during each stage and bearings play a vital role in every step of the water treatment process: Intake, Rapid Mix, Flocculation, Sedimentation, Storage, Disinfection and Filtration.

Avoid downtime, water contamination and promote the smooth operation of machinery by investing in low-maintenance bearings. Ceramic, stainless steel, and/or engineered thermoplastic components are used in many of the processing and treatment machines and generally perform best under the harsh, wet & dirty conditions of wastewater treatment. Be sure to choose bearings of the highest quality to keep pumps, drives and valves in municipal wastewater treatment plant working efficiently 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Bartlett Bearing Municipal Wastewater Treatment Bearings & Products

Bearings Used in Municipal Wastewater Treatment Industry

In such a crucial industry as municipal wastewater treatment, plant equipment and machinery require high-quality bearings to maintain effective and efficient operation. Bartlett Bearing Company, Inc. is a leading distributor for bearings used in the wastewater treatment industry. We supply components in a variety of designs and materials to suit many application requirements and restrictions. The most common, listed below, can accommodate numerous machines in a treatment plant.

Ceramic and Insulated Bearings

Bartlett Bearing Company Inc Insulated Bearings Wastewater Treatment Industry

Either material option is ideal for wastewater treatment operations, because they are not susceptible to corrosion and require minimal lubrication.

Ceramic and insulated bearings are used in several stages of the wastewater treatment process: collection, clarification, separation and aeration treatments. Ceramic bearings require very little lubrication or other maintenance and can be applied in different water handling machinery. Further, insulated bearings are coated with ceramic material, making them another suitable choice for harsh environments.

Split Roller Pillow Block Bearing

Bartlett Bearing Mounted Roller Bearings Pillow Block

These bearings offer all the advantages of traditional bearings, but with easier assembly. The half split design allows for easy installation, inspection and replacement since you do not have to remove or disrupt other machine elements.

Split roller bearings help keep large solids out of machinery, making them best for sand and grit removal, clarification, aeration and more, including belt presses. Split roller bearings allow easy accessibility and maintenance of the bearing.

Commonly found in submersible pumps, seals and O-rings provide further barrier protection and are able to keep out water and other potential contaminants.

Another commonly found component in submersible pumps that operate on and with drives, shaft grounding rings are often associated with electric discharge machining (EDM) and eliminate fluting concerns.

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Applications of Ceramic and Stainless Steel Bearings for Wastewater Industry

Since bearings play such a critical role in the wastewater treatment industry, you must purchase from a reliable supplier to ensure they operate and perform as intended. Whether it is a simple or complex bearing application, our expert sales and technical staff will help you through the selection process and ensure you have the best solution for your wastewater treatment application. While bearings are used in many applications in the industry, the bearings Bartlett Bearing supplies are typically used in the following fluid handling devices and systems:

  • Pumps
  • Drives
  • Valves
  • Flowmeters
  • Hydraulic Equipment

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