Food and Beverage Grade Bearings

The food and beverage industry has some of the harshest environments in which bearings must operate and also must adhere to strict safety regulations, because they come in contact with edible products. Food-grade bearings face challenges like extreme temperatures, wet environments, and contact from sanitation chemicals; all of which can lead to degradation of bearings and their accessories. To avoid unnecessarily replacing your bearings due to wear from their environment, it’s important to select the correct bearing for your application from the start. Bartlett Bearing Company can help select the right food and beverage bearing to ensure system longevity and reliability.




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Bearings Commonly Used in Food & Beverage Industry

Mounted/Pillow Block Bearings

Bartlett Bearing Mounted Ball Bearings Pillow Block

Mounted unit bearings are used to support & stabilize the external rotating shaft. These bearings can be used on vertical, horizontal or inclined surfaces.

Ceramic Hybrid Ball Bearings

Bartlett Bearing Company Hybrid Ceramic

Designed to stand up to the frequent washdowns common in the machinery used in the food and beverage industry. Hybrid ball bearings reduce vibration, noise and are safe for incidental contact with food.


Bartlett Bearing Power Trans Couplings

Couplings are easy to install and relatively maintenance free. The stainless steel material is resistant to rusting in wet conditions common in food manufacturing plants.


Bartlett bearing Company Power Transmission V-Belt Products

Belts are designed for optimal performance in the demanding environment of food processing plants. Food belts resist chemicals and abrasion and are in compliance with all regulations for conveying unpackaged foods.

Food-Safe Lubricants

Bartlett Bearing Company Inc Bearing Lubrication Grease Products

Without appropriate lubricant applications, bearings are unable to perform in this harsh environment without damaging the equipment or potentially contaminating the food products.

Bartlett Bearing Company, Inc. provides a wide breadth of bearings, bearing products and accessories to meet the demanding operating conditions common in food and beverage processing plants. You can rely on Bartlett to provide 24/7/365 after house support & technical service. With six locations across the country, our warehouses are consistently stocked with ball bearings, roller bearings, lubricants and more specifically designed for beverage and food grade bearings in this industry. Fill out a Request a Quote form and a representative will contact you within 24 business hours.