Power Transmission Products

Power Transmission is the movement of energy from its place of generation to a location where it is applied to perform useful work. Below you will find an outline of the various power transmission products Bartlett Bearing inventories. If you’re unsure which options are best for your application, give us a call to speak to a knowledgeable member of our technical staff.

Bartlett Bearing Company Bearing Power Transmission Products

Bearings & Power Transmission Products


We offer a variety of couplings suitable for various industries, such as jaw type, S flex, grid, gear and mill motor couplings.

The role of a coupling is mainly as follows.

  • Power is transmitted from the driving side (turning side) to the driven side (turned side).
  • Absorbs mounting errors between the axis of the driving side (turning side) and the driven side (turning side).
  • Absorbs vibration from the driving side (turning side) and protects surrounding products.
  • Does not transfer heat from the motor on the drive side (turning side), etc. to the driven side (turned side).
Bartlett Bearing Power Trans Couplings
Bartlett Bearing Company Bearing Power Transmission Pulleys & Sheaves

Pulleys and Sheaves

We offer pulleys and sheaves ranging from light duty, single and double groove, adjustable pitch, conventional A, B, C, D and E and narrow section 3V, 5V, and 8V. These are used in many applications such as HVAC, pumps, compressors, aggregate and others.

The role of pulleys and sheaves:

  • The pulley is a wheel often used for holding a belt, wire rope, or cable and incorporated into a pulley. 
  • The sheave spins on an axle or bearing inside the frame of the pulley. This allows the belt or cable to move freely, minimizing friction and wear on the belt or cable.


V-belts are considered to be industry standard on machines that are driven by electric motors. V-belts provide the best combination of traction, speed of movement and long service life.

The role of v-belts:

  • Belt drives run smoothly and with little noise, and provide shock absorption for motors, loads, and bearings when the force and power need changes.
Bartlett bearing Company Power Transmission V-Belt Products
Bartlett Bearing Company Power Transmission Bearing Bushings


We offer taper, QD and keyless bushing.

The role of bushings:

  • Bushings reduce friction between two sliding surfaces and are commonly used for machinery with rotating or sliding shafts to reduce vibration and noise.
At Bartlett Bearing Company, Inc., we’re dedicated to providing a full spectrum of high-quality power transmission solutions, bearings, tools and accessories for a variety of applications. Same day shipping & fast delivery is available on all purchase; call today to place your order or for any questions.