Why Quality Matters when Purchasing Bearings

Bartlett Bearing 5 Reasons to Invest in High Quality BearingsBearings may be the single most important component in any type of mechanical power transmission equipment such as motors, drives, shafts, gearing and others. With the shortages the industry is seeing today, it is more important than ever to know how to choose quality products. Cutting corners when it comes to purchasing bearings puts your entire machine at risk of premature failure, misalignment and safety issues. We already know the importance of lubrication for proper bearings maintenance, during this installment of Bartlett Bearing’s blog, we’re going to emphasize why buyers should invest in quality bearings from a reputable supplier.

5 Important Reasons to Purchase High Quality Power Transmission Bearings

Reduce Risk: Poorly made or low quality bearings can have a detrimental effect on the machinery you rely on for your business to run smoothly. One small bearing that has a sudden breakdown can have a ripple effect on your production, costing you time and money. Poorly made bearings and can cause problems like fluting, corrosion, false brinelling and other damage. 

Reduce Waste: Bearing products that don’t meet your company’s standards are a waste of resources, which is bad for your bottom line and the environment. Focus on purchasing quality bearings from a reputable supplier to ensure your machine’s run at peak efficiency.

Increase Profitability: Years of research proves there is a direct link between quality products and the profitability of a business. Premature bearing failure, misalignment or total machine breakdown means production is halted until the machines are fixed. While you wait for a replacement bearing you’re losing hours or even days of potential sales. 

Avoid Counterfeit Products: There is an entire industry for manufacturing and selling knockoff goods to unsuspecting customers. Though these counterfeit bearings may appear to be lower in cost, they are also lower in quality and likely not made by a reputable source. Protect yourself by purchasing only from a trustworthy distributor of name brand bearing manufacturers like SKF, Koyo, NTN, The Schaeffler Group and Timken, among others.

Constant Inventory: A distinguished supplier of high-quality bearings from the most trusted manufacturers in the industry means they’ll have a constant supply of all the bearings, parts, tools and supplies you need. When shortages and breakdowns in the supply chain occur, Bartlett Bearing doesn’t skip a beat! Our sales team is very adept at providing solutions for parts that may be out of stock. Whether that’s a certain brand they need to swap something for or helping a customer choose a different set of parts completely to finish their job, they’ll be able to find a solution for almost any problem that might pop up.

Authorized Bearings Distributor for Electro-Mechanical Facilities Nationwide

It is important not to view bearings as just another product you have to keep stocked at your facility or jobsite. It is in your best interest to select quality bearings, made by reputable manufacturers, purchased through an authorized distributor. Bearings are a critical component in power transmission equipment, pumps, gear boxes, turf equipment and they must be treated as such.

Know you’re choosing from a quality distributor, like Bartlett Bearing, by making sure they have a wide range of inventory that meets your quality standard expectations and can maintain a constant supply chain. If the part you’re looking for is out of stock, call your nearest Bartlett Bearing location to consult with one of our expert representatives. They’ll recommend the best alternative brand or parts selection to make sure your selections are accurate.

We are proud to be an authorized distributor for all major manufacturers, offering a wide range of ball bearings, roller bearings and mounted units & inserts. Further, with six locations across the county, we can quickly accommodate orders, providing 24/7/365 sales & support with same-day shipping available.

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