Shaft Grounding Solutions

Shaft grounding technology is a highly effective long-term method of protecting bearings and other motor components from electric discharge damage. A voltage within the shaft generally occurs from circulating currents or VFD induced shaft currents and occasionally from static currents. Electric discharge machining starts when the voltage reaches a level sufficient enough to overcome the dielectric strength of the bearing grease, they discharge along the path of least resistance causing premature bearing failure. Using shaft grounding technology ultimately helps to eliminate electric discharge machining, premature bearing failure, unnecessary downtime.

Bartlett Bearing Smart Shaft Grounding Solutions

When to Use Shaft Grounding Technology:

If you notice fluting, pitting, or general bearing damage, it may be signs that an induced electrical current has passed through bearings, causing an electrical arc to take place. If you notice noise or vibration, this may be a sign that the fluted or damaged bearing surface may lead to premature bearing failure.

Shaft Grounding Technology Products

Bartlett Bearing Company Shaft Grounding Rings

AEGIS® Shaft Grounding Rings

AEGIS® Bearing Protection Rings are designed to protect bearings from harmful shaft currents caused by variable frequency drives used on AC electric motors. Shaft currents that pass through the bearing can cause pitting and fluting on the bearing raceways resulting in a premature failure. The bearing protection ring, when properly installed, will redirect the harmful shaft currents away from the bearings to ground, protecting the bearings and extending the life of the motor.

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Insulated Carriers

Insulating the bearing carriers on vertical pumps is a cost effective solution to remediate harmful shaft currents often induced by variable frequency drives (VFD). Coating the bearing carrier along with proper shaft grounding remains the least expensive option to avoid premature bearing failure due to electric current damage.

Bartlett Bearing Shaft Grounding Bearing Protection System
Bartlett Bearing Shaft Grounding Systems

Helwig Bearing Protection Kits (BPK)

Bartlett Bearing offers four variations of Helwig Bearing Protection Kits™, which mitigates shaft voltage that result in electrical noise and premature bearing failure. Helwig BPK’s utilize a silver-graphite material that do not wear the shaft over time and actually glaze the rotating shaft with the same material that further promotes voltage mitigation.

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